Our Promise to Our Donors

It's very important to us that you can trust The Water Cycle Project. We understand that when you give $1, you expect $1 to be put to good use.

That's why we've made the following promise:
No individual donations will be used for the internal functions of The Water Cycle Project.

It's virtually impossible to run an organization without some expenses. For instance, web site hosting, printing brochures and some expenses for filing with the goverment are unavoidable.

The expenses that we do have will be met the following ways:
Corporate Sponsorships
Donations Given to Support Specific Organizational Needs
Trip Fees & Merchandise Sales

When you pledge or give $1 to The Water Cycle Project, please feel confident that 100% of your money will be safely delivered into the hands of a well drilling team.*

*PayPal does take a small processing fee for each transaction.

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