Cool! Water Cycle Project Flyers for Printing & Distribution!

Here are some flyers that you can print and distribute.    We’ve made up several different size options to make printing a breeze.

There’s also a half-sheet option that’s been optimized for black and white printing.  Sorry, this page might take a minute to load for you, due to the poster file size.

11″ x 17″ poster (right click, “save as” to download):
Poster Design

8.5″ x 11″ full-sheet flyer (right click, “save as” to download):
Full Sheet Design

Half-sheet color flyer – 2 per page (right click, “save as” to download):
Half Sheet Color Design

Half-sheet black & white – 2 per page (right click, “save as” to download):
Half Sheet BW Design

When your printer tells you that a portion of the image is beyond the printable area, tell it that it’s OK if it chops off the edges.  That’s what that built-in white margin around the edges is for.

Please distribute these responsibly, and always follow local laws, as well as the rules and wishes of any business owner when it comes to posting these materials.  If you’re handing these out, please be considerate to do so in a way that they won’t become litter.

Beyond that, please feel free to pass these out liberally.  Thanks so much for your help.

If you have any trouble, or would like something different, please contact us.