Fresh Water Bore Well Drilled in December 2010 in India

In January, my parents traveled to India to visit Pastor Stephen and his wife, Queeny.

While they were there, my dad and Pastor Stephen drove out to Muthuramapuram, a village outside of Bangalore where a well we raised money for was drilled.

My dad’s no Spielberg, but please enjoy. :-)

The well was drilled in December of 2010, so this is about a month since it’s been in place. Here’s another video of the same well:

This well will provide many of these women with educational and vocational opportunities that will not only improve their family’s economic situation, but also improve their value and equality within the village as a whole. It’s a beautiful thing!

Imagine, 600 people have increased their average lifespan by nearly 35 years! Fewer children will die of diarrhea, and countless labor hours are now free to be used more productively.

Can you imagine that this well was drilled for only $2,500? Amazing.