A Success Story!

We’ve been talking so much about our events lately, we’ve been neglecting the actual wells!

I talked to Pastor Stephen last week, and they’ve completed another well that will service a village of hundreds of families!

This particular well is in a mountainous area where they were unlikely to find water, but Pastor Stephen’s geologist located four spots he thought were likely to produce water.  Pastor Stephen and his team prayed and selected one that they thought would be best and told the Hindu village that they were going to drill a well there.

They drilled the well more than 700 feet and there was no water.  They cleaned it out many times and there was no water.  The residents in the village were grumbling and scoffing after the promises of water didn’t come true.

So Pastor Stephen and his crew sealed the well with a stone.  For three days they left it alone and prayed for the well.

On the third day they returned, removed the stone, cleaned out the well one last time…and there was water!

This well will provide enough water for everyone in the village to use every day, as well as their livestock and even some for irrigation.

This particular village had a government well several kilometers away that they could walk to, but it was controlled by militant Muslims who insisted that their people drink first, leaving the Hindus to wait late into the day to take whatever was left over.

Now they have access to clean drinking water out of a well controlled by the village itself.  God provides for all of his children.