$1 Goes To $1

From the beginning, it’s been so important to Melissa and I that you can trust The Water Cycle Project.  That’s why we’re a zero-overhead organization.

When you donate $1, that dollar ends up in the hands of Indian well drilling teams.  The Water Cycle Project has no paid staff and no commissions.  Grove City Vineyard sends the money to Pastor A. Stephen, and the church generously pays all of the transfer fees and staff expenses out of their own budget.

Our mission is to get clean drinking water to as many people around the world as possible.  We’re focusing on India right now because we have such a fantastic relationship with Pastor A. Stephen, and we can put our money to its best use.

Please consider giving a donation today, with full confidence that everything you donate will be used exclusively to drill water wells.  Thank you so much for your trust and support.