Leg 2 of Trans-Ohio Tour Now Complete!

Just so we would keep water in mind, it poured from the sky for our first four hours today.  :-)

Leg 2 of the Trans-Ohio Tour has been safely completed.

Total Bike time: 5 hours 4 minutes

Total Distance: 75.40 miles

Top Speed: 32.44 miles per hour

This was a wet ride!  We didn’t get caught in any serious downpours, but it sprinkled steadily for the first 55 miles.

It was a hard ride today, lots of big hills in the last 25 miles, but we made it through!   More hills headed our way tomorrow!

More pictures and details to come, but it was a great, though challenging ride today, and I feel blessed to be able to participate in this fantastic cause.

Tomorrow: We climb through the foothills of the Appalachians from Zanesville, Ohio to Wheeling, West Virginia.  Another 75 miles, prayer’s welcome.  :-)