What I Love About Water: Goats and Greens!

Having the ability to radically change the life of a community is an incredibly joyful experience for me.  I don’t feel bad about all of the privileges and luxuries I enjoy, instead I feel exuberant and grateful for the abundance that we have to share, and so thankful that we know Pastor Stephen and have such an incredible opportunity to make a difference.

One of my favorite things about drilling village wells is that the abundance of accessible water often provides enough for animals and irrigation!

There are lots of popular programs right now to give third-world families chickens and goats and cows and things.  These are great programs, but if your village still doesn’t have a well it just means that you now have to carry water for your goat too!  :-)

The well that we drilled in Mathurampurama village provides enough daily water that the surplus can be used to irrigate up to 10 acres of land.  That’s a significant amount of land!

A village well means extra water for livestock, chickens and irrigation, which in turn means better nutrition and a higher quality of life.

Eggs, milk, meat, poultry, a variety of fresh vegetables — formerly impractical because you had to carry water, now easily sustainable and a staple of life.

It’s unbelievable!

Please share in our joy and consider making a donation to The Water Cycle Project today.  Every $1 donated goes directly to well drilling teams in India.  There are no middle men or commissions, and The Water Cycle Project has no paid staff.