You Won’t Be the Slowest Rider

I talk to a lot of people about riding across Ohio with us July 1-3 (Trans-Ohio).  Most of them are really interested, but I hear this a lot:

“I think I can do it and I want to, but I’d be really slow.  I don’t want to ride all alone behind everyone else.”

I understand exactly what you’re saying.  It would be no fun to ride 80 miles all by your lonesome self.

But if everyone who said that joined us, no one would be alone, there’d be a giant group of the “slowest person” all riding together.  :-)

I give you this guarantee: If you can’t find someone to ride your pace, I(Brad) will happily throw all of my months of training to the wind and cheerfully ride alongside of the slowest rider for as long as we’re on pace to complete the day’s segment.  We’ll have a grand time, I promise.

If you think you can do these rides, then you can.  And you have my guarantee that the slowest rider will not labor alone.  :-)

And if you don’t finish?  Big deal!  You gave it a good try and now you’ve got a great story to tell.

You can do it!  Please join us.