We Each Get One Story

We each get one story.  Someday, we’re all going to pass on, and our life will contain only one set of adventures.

Please join us on July 4th weekend for the Trans-Ohio Tour and live a better story.

The way I see it, my story can go one of two ways.  Either I can have a story to tell about how I went to another cookout, sat by a pool somewhere, did some yardwork and took a nap, OR

My story can be about how I fought and sweated my path all the way across Ohio in three days, how I rode with some fantastic people each with stories of their own to share, and how some families in India can now drink clean, accessible water because of it.

Which story would you rather hear?

Please consider joining us July 1-3 for the Trans-Ohio ride.  Sure, nobody’s really ready to ride 250 miles, but succeed or fail, give it what you got and it’ll be a better story… I promise.

You can ask your coworkers which story is better on July 5.   Besides, you’ll still be back on July 4 to eat a burger with your family, do some yard work and take a nap. :-)