What I Love About Water: It’s For Life!

I honestly, truly love the fact that we get to give water to thirsty people in India.  We have the power to instantly, seeming magically increase average life span, decrease child mortality, improve literacy rates, empower women and provide opportunities.  That’s an incredible feeling!

One of my favorite things about water: it’s for life.  We give a village a well, and that well lasts forever.  Those people are set for water for life.

The risk of providing any type of aid is that the community receiving the aid will develop dependency, and this state of dependency will be worse than the original condition.

This isn’t the case with village wells.  The wells that Pastor Stephen installs are simple mechanical wells, and young men in the village are trained to provide all of the necessary maintenance and services before the project is complete.  (see this video of one of our wells in action)

A small investment that’s less than $4 per villager will provide all of the water the village needs to drink, as well as extra for livestock and irrigation, for the rest of their lives.

Please share in this fantastic opportunity we have.  Consider making a donation today, and as always, please contact us for more ways to be involved.