Sorry, PayPal Still Down (Now Restored :-))

Our PayPal donation system is now back on track.  Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience. (05/27/11  8:25 p.m.)

We’re very sorry, but our PayPal payment system is still currently down.  In the meantime we can still accept donations in the form of cash and checks made out to “Vineyard Christian Fellowship”.

PayPal wants additional information about our 501(c)3 status, which we’ve now provided, so that information should be reviewed and our payment system restored very soon.  We will post on Twitter and Facebook and contact those donors who have tried to make a contribution during this down-time as soon as that is officially resolved.

Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Grove City is handling the finances for The Water Cycle Project and acting as our 501(c)3 umbrella, which simply requires a little more documentation for PayPal to prove that everything’s on the up-and-up and above-board.

Once again, we apologize.  This will be resolved shortly, and we’ll be back to business as usual.  Thanks so much for your patience and for your continued support of The Water Cycle Project.

Please contact us with any questions.