What I Love About Water: It’s Cheap!

I love that we have the opportunity to provide fresh water for people.  I really do.  I feel so much joy for the abundance that I have and so much passion for this cause, that I feel like if I didn’t give people want, I’d just  bust.  I want you to feel the same way.

One of the things I love about giving water is that it’s cheap!  Due to our unique connections with Pastor Stephen in India, and our organization’s set up, we can provide a lifetime supply of clean water to 600 or more people for only $2,500.  That’s amazing!

Pastor Stephen is an indigenous Indian, meaning that he’s ethnically a dark-skinned Indian, and he was born there.  This is a significant advantage, because, try as we might, it’s expensive to keep Americans in foreign countries.  I’ve known Pastor Stephen most of my life, and I trust him wholeheartedly.  He’s a model of efficiency, and he lives on the meager means that Indians do.

It also helps that we’re a zero-overhead organization.  Even the best organizations usually don’t actually get more than 60% to the target (many deliver as little as 4% to the target).  Because we’re small and we’re run by volunteers, and we don’t have any significant marketing or infrastructure costs, we can send every donor dollar directly to the target.

We are truly blessed to have this network in place.  Please take advantage of it, and share my joy in giving water!  It’s wonderful.