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Please Pray for Pastor Stephen

I apologize for the quiet on this blog lately.

Pastor Stephen is an Indian who lives in Bangalore, India and runs Cornerstone Ministries, which is the primary group that drills wells for The Water Cycle Project.  Pastor Stephen is a wonderful human being and a strong, principled person who cares deeply for the people of India.

Many weeks ago, Pastor Stephen needed a kidney transplant.  His wife, Queenie, provided the donor kidney.  Queenie is doing OK, as far as we know, but Pastor Stephen’s condition has taken a turn.

On Monday we received word that Pastor Stephen had an infection and he was moved to intensive care. Since then we have learned that his new kidney has stopped functioning completely, and he has been placed on dialysis and is on a ventilator.

Please pray for Pastor Stephen’s condition.  Please pray that the doctors are able to stop this infection and stabilize his condition.  Please also pray for his family, including his wife Queenie, and his adult children, Yonoko and Sam, as they confront this situation.

Our efforts to drill wells can go on without Pastor Stephen (and will if need be), but this group and purpose would never have existed without him.  His principles, strength, commitment and methods are an example for us all.

I’ve only spent time with Pastor Stephen on five or six occasions in my life, but there are few people in the world that I respect more.  Melissa and I have a tremendous amount of love for he and his family, even though they’re half-way around the world.

Thank you for your prayers.

Fresh Water Bore Well Drilled in December 2010 in India

In January, my parents traveled to India to visit Pastor Stephen and his wife, Queeny.

While they were there, my dad and Pastor Stephen drove out to Muthuramapuram, a village outside of Bangalore where a well we raised money for was drilled.

My dad’s no Spielberg, but please enjoy. :-)

The well was drilled in December of 2010, so this is about a month since it’s been in place. Here’s another video of the same well:

This well will provide many of these women with educational and vocational opportunities that will not only improve their family’s economic situation, but also improve their value and equality within the village as a whole. It’s a beautiful thing!

Imagine, 600 people have increased their average lifespan by nearly 35 years! Fewer children will die of diarrhea, and countless labor hours are now free to be used more productively.

Can you imagine that this well was drilled for only $2,500? Amazing.