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So Happy With $22k+!

I just want to thank everyone for your generous donations so far. It’s unbelievable that together we’ve raised more than $22,000 for clean water in India!

With that money, more than 5,000 people will have clean drinking water for life, as well as enough for hygiene, livestock and irrigation! That’s unbelievable! We’re talking serious life change.

We’re talking double-the-average-life-span change, we’re talking 96%-less-kids-under-5-dying-of-diarrhea change. We’re talking about real power, real lives, never-be-the-same-again-for-5,000-people change.

Now that they don’t need to spend their whole day fetching water, women and children are empowered to go to school and find new occupations. This money empowers minority groups and pacifies conflict by allowing each village to have convenient, safe access to their own water supply.

For me, one of the best parts is that when we say $22,000, we mean $22,000. Every single one of those dollars goes directly to well drilling. We don’t pay any expenses out of that money, and we didn’t spend any money to solicit those contributions. That is truly amazing to me.

Thank you everyone for your selfless contributions. What seems like a such a small amount to us is literally worth a lifetime of change to someone in India.

God loves all his children, and this is how we get to show them. No judgment, no intrusion–just clean water.

Water Cycle Project T-Shirts Are In!

We now have Water Cycle T-shirts for sale!  Sizes and quantities are limited, so if you’d like one, please let us know right away.

These shirts will be on sale on Sunday (8/28) for $10 at our Family Fun Ride at Three Creeks Metro Park.  You can buy them here on the website for $12.  All proceeds go to support The Water Cycle Project.

The first shirt is The Water Cycle Project classic.  The front features the outline of the State of Ohio, centered on the chest, and the back has the TWCP logo.  They are printed on Cornflower Blue.

Water Cycle Project Tshirt

Purchase here for $12.00:

The second shirt is the winner of our T-shirt design contest, designed by Carl and Kelly Colna!  The front of the shirt is printed with a person carrying water on a bicycle, with the tagline “If we could ride to India, we would.”

Water Cycle Project Colna Tshirt Design

Purchase here for $12.00:

Please note: These shirts were donated by a private company to be resold.  Donor dollars were NOT used to design or print these shirts.  We are 100% committed to being a zero-overhead organization.  :-)

$1 Goes To $1

From the beginning, it’s been so important to Melissa and I that you can trust The Water Cycle Project.  That’s why we’re a zero-overhead organization.

When you donate $1, that dollar ends up in the hands of Indian well drilling teams.  The Water Cycle Project has no paid staff and no commissions.  Grove City Vineyard sends the money to Pastor A. Stephen, and the church generously pays all of the transfer fees and staff expenses out of their own budget.

Our mission is to get clean drinking water to as many people around the world as possible.  We’re focusing on India right now because we have such a fantastic relationship with Pastor A. Stephen, and we can put our money to its best use.

Please consider giving a donation today, with full confidence that everything you donate will be used exclusively to drill water wells.  Thank you so much for your trust and support.

Introducing The Great T-Shirt Design Contest!!

The Water Cycle Project is now introducing the Great T-Shirt Design Contest of 2011!

We’re looking for a killer t-shirt that encapsulates everything that The Water Cycle Project is, and we’d like you to design it!

Please email your entry as a .jpg or .png file to no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, July 15, 2011 for a chance to win.

We’re looking for one design for one side of the shirt.  Full color is OK, but less colors is better (cheaper printing).  Two colors is better than three colors, and one color is better than two.  You get it.

Melissa and  Brad will pick the top three and post them to Facebook where they’ll be voted on.

And for the winner… A FREE T-SHIRT IN THE SIZE OF YOUR CHOICE!  Plus all those bragging rights, and that toasty warm feeling you get when you help others.  :-)

What is The Water Cycle Project in 2011?  Think Ohio, think India, think water, think women fetching water, think wells, think drilling, think… you get it.  Be funny, be poignant, be silly, be artistic… just don’t be late!

Please contact us with questions.

Questions and Answers:

Is anything required to be part of the design, like a logo or slogan?

Nope!  You can do whatever you’d like.  We use the slogan, “Well, water you waiting for?” a lot, but you can use anything you’d like, or nothing at all.

Wouldn’t you prefer vector graphics?

Sure, we’d prefer it.  But we’ve asked for a .jpg or a .png so that we don’t have to convert vector art from a half dozen different formats for previewing on our website and Facebook.  We also don’t want to exclude anyone with smaller software budgets.

Once we select a winner, we’ll work with them to either supply vector art, or convert their design for them.  So if you can build your design as a vector file, that’s fantastic, but please email us only  a .jpg or .png file.

Are designs due by the end of the day on July 15, 2011?

Yes!  Your design must be in by 11:59 p.m. EST on July 15, 2011.  Please feel free to take all day Friday to work on it.  :-)

Trans-Ohio Pre-Registration Discount Extended

Due to a technical glitch that prevented a few riders from completing the registration process last week, we’ve extended the pre-registration discount through Thursday (6/9/11) for the Trans-Ohio Tour.

Please take a few minutes right away to complete the registration process.

You can find more information about the Trans-Ohio tour here:

Your trip fees include all transportation to and from Columbus, food, lodging and other accommodations.

After Thursday the trip fee will permanently go up to $120.  Please register to ride the Trans-Ohio ride today!  It’ll be a grand ol’ time.

Network With Us :-)

One of the best ways that we can share the mission of The Water Cycle Project is through existing social media.

We use Facebook a lot to share pictures of events and other fast information.  You can find us here: .  Please “like” us (button at the top) today.

Twitter is a fun way to jump into conversations.  You can find us here:!/h2o_cycle

We’re also on YouTube, we’ll have more content up here soon:

Cool!  See you around the nets.