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Circum-Ohio Trip Cancelled

With great regret, we’ve officially cancelled the Circum-Ohio Trip.

The group of riders that we were counting on has dwindled in numbers significantly as the ride approaches due to a variety of scheduling conflicts (apparently they’re finding out it’s hard to leave life for two weeks  :-)).

Also, we haven’t been met with much success finding lodging around the state.  Despite our efforts to find hospitable churches and organizations, we’d end up paying for motels or camping at at least 8 stops.  For that price, we could just about drill another well!

It’s disappointing to cancel the ride, but we have to remember that our primary mission is to drill wells and we must always take the actions that best advance us towards that goal.

Please stay tuned for more details and possible substitute, small events.

Press Release: Group To Cycle 250 Miles Across Ohio For Non-Profit

This is a press release we sent out this morning, please feel free to forward to all relevant media and area contacts.  Thanks!


Group To Cycle 250 Miles Across Ohio For Non-Profit

Columbus, Ohio – June 30, 2011 – A small group of cyclists is planning to ride 250 miles from Richmond, IN to Wheeling, WV over the Fourth of July weekend to raise money for The Water Cycle Project.

The Water Cycle Project ( is a zero-overhead, non-profit organization that raises money to drill fresh water wells for impoverished communities in rural India.

Cyclists will make the daunting trek over the course of three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with overnight stops in West Jefferson, OH and Zanesville, OH, averaging over 80 miles each day.

The route will primarily follow Historic U.S. Route 40 from the west side of the state to the east.

For more information and to follow the tour, please visit the group’s website at

The group is available for limited interviews and media engagements in the afternoon and evening of each cycling day. Media is encouraged to contact The Water Cycle Project for further details.

The Water Cycle Project is associated with Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Grove City, OH for administrative support, and with Franklinton Cycle Works, a non-profit bicycle co-op in Columbus, OH, for logistical support.

For additional information or to schedule an interview with The Water Cycle Project, please contact:
Brad Pauquette


Gearing Up For Trans-Ohio

A few of us are gearing up for Trans-Ohio this weekend.

It’ll be a fantastic 250 mile adventure.  Altogether, we’ll probably spend about 16-17 hours on the bike seat over the course of three days!

Will you help us make this a worthwhile trip by pledging to The Water Cycle Project today?  It would be fantastic if our pledge amount could break $15,000  by July 4, 2011.

That would mean that more than 3,000 people would have clean water for life on the way to them!  Could you spare $25 today to make this a reality for these wonderful people?

Please consider giving today, and as always, contact us with any questions.

See you on the road!  Check our blog and Facebook page often this weekend as we update with pictures from our Trans-Ohio trek!

Last Chance to Register For Trans-Ohio

Well, the time has come.  Today is your last chance to register for the 2011 Trans-Ohio Tour.

Remember, your trip fee includes all transportation, lodging, food and accommodations, as well as limited bicycle mechanical support by a certified technician.

If you’re on the fence, you can do it!  This is your chance to live an exceptional weekend.  :-)

Please contact us with any questions, or for assistance with the registration process.

Fourth of July, 2011

Imagine with me two scenarios.  We’re in the future — 10, 15, maybe 20 years down the road.  You’re sitting with someone you love.


“Remember 4th of July 2011,” she asks you.

“Did we go to John’s that weekend?” you respond.

“No, you’re thinking of 4th of July, 2012.  Remember, it was at Stacy’s and all of the food was way overcooked.”

“No, now you’re mistaken,” you reply indignantly.  “You’re thinking of 2010.  2011 was at John’s, because Rebecca just had that baby.”

You both sit silently on the porch and take a sip of ice tea.

“No, you’re right,” you finally respond.  “It was at Stacy’s in 2011.  Why?”


“Remember 4th of July 2011?” she asks you.

“Heck yeah!  Trans-Ohio!  That was an unbelievable weekend,” you respond.  “I still can’t believe we actually finished that.”

She laughs, you’ve told the story so many times.

“Hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” you continue.  “But I’ll never forget it.”

You both look off into the distance, vividly remembering the people and places from so long ago.

“That was a good weekend,” she says after a time.

“Yah it was.  Then remember we went to that cookout at Stacy’s on Monday,” and you both laugh.

I’ll take scenario 2, I’m just sayin’.

2011 Trans-Ohio Tour.

Less Than Two Weeks Until Trans-Ohio!

On July 1, 2011 we’ll pull out of Richmond, Indiana on a 250 mile route all the way across Ohio on our 2011 Trans-Ohio Tour.  It’ll be an unbelievable weekend!

Please consider joining us for the weekend or just one day.  Whether you complete the course or not, I think you’ll have a good time, and your participation will provide water to impoverished people in India.

You only live once. What’ll your Fourth-of-July story be when you get back to work on the 5th?  :-)

You can also support us by making a donation today.  Remember, all donations go directly to Indian well-drilling teams, they aren’t used to fund the organization or cycling trips.

Happy riding!

Trans-Ohio Pre-Registration Discount Extended

Due to a technical glitch that prevented a few riders from completing the registration process last week, we’ve extended the pre-registration discount through Thursday (6/9/11) for the Trans-Ohio Tour.

Please take a few minutes right away to complete the registration process.

You can find more information about the Trans-Ohio tour here:

Your trip fees include all transportation to and from Columbus, food, lodging and other accommodations.

After Thursday the trip fee will permanently go up to $120.  Please register to ride the Trans-Ohio ride today!  It’ll be a grand ol’ time.

You Won’t Be the Slowest Rider

I talk to a lot of people about riding across Ohio with us July 1-3 (Trans-Ohio).  Most of them are really interested, but I hear this a lot:

“I think I can do it and I want to, but I’d be really slow.  I don’t want to ride all alone behind everyone else.”

I understand exactly what you’re saying.  It would be no fun to ride 80 miles all by your lonesome self.

But if everyone who said that joined us, no one would be alone, there’d be a giant group of the “slowest person” all riding together.  :-)

I give you this guarantee: If you can’t find someone to ride your pace, I(Brad) will happily throw all of my months of training to the wind and cheerfully ride alongside of the slowest rider for as long as we’re on pace to complete the day’s segment.  We’ll have a grand time, I promise.

If you think you can do these rides, then you can.  And you have my guarantee that the slowest rider will not labor alone.  :-)

And if you don’t finish?  Big deal!  You gave it a good try and now you’ve got a great story to tell.

You can do it!  Please join us.

We Each Get One Story

We each get one story.  Someday, we’re all going to pass on, and our life will contain only one set of adventures.

Please join us on July 4th weekend for the Trans-Ohio Tour and live a better story.

The way I see it, my story can go one of two ways.  Either I can have a story to tell about how I went to another cookout, sat by a pool somewhere, did some yardwork and took a nap, OR

My story can be about how I fought and sweated my path all the way across Ohio in three days, how I rode with some fantastic people each with stories of their own to share, and how some families in India can now drink clean, accessible water because of it.

Which story would you rather hear?

Please consider joining us July 1-3 for the Trans-Ohio ride.  Sure, nobody’s really ready to ride 250 miles, but succeed or fail, give it what you got and it’ll be a better story… I promise.

You can ask your coworkers which story is better on July 5.   Besides, you’ll still be back on July 4 to eat a burger with your family, do some yard work and take a nap. :-)

Trans-Ohio Pre-Registration Deadline This Week – Register Today

Please take a few minutes today to register for our July 1-3, 2011 Trans-Ohio Tour.

This is the last week to register for the Trans-Ohio tour at the discounted rate of only $90.  After Friday, you’ll still be able to register, but the rate will increase to $105.

Your trip fees cover all food, lodging, transportation to and from Columbus, on-the-road mechanical support and other accommodations for all three days.  The earlier you register, the easier (and less expensive) it is for The Water Cycle Project’s all-volunteer staff to locate and reserve the correct accommodations at lower rates.

Thanks again.  I hope you can join us!

As always, please feel free to contact us at any time with questions.