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Network With Us :-)

One of the best ways that we can share the mission of The Water Cycle Project is through existing social media.

We use Facebook a lot to share pictures of events and other fast information.  You can find us here: .  Please “like” us (button at the top) today.

Twitter is a fun way to jump into conversations.  You can find us here:!/h2o_cycle

We’re also on YouTube, we’ll have more content up here soon:

Cool!  See you around the nets.

Columbus Creative Cooperative Anthology

The Columbus Creative Cooperative was nice enough to give us some free ad space in their first anthology, Origins.

This is a group that I’m intimately involved with, and it’s great to see that my two endeavors can work together for mutual benefit.

Origins is an anthology, featuring nine short stories by Columbus authors.  It can be ordered off of the Columbus Creative Cooperative website ( for $9.35, or can be ordered in Kindle Edition off of (click) for only $6.00.

If you’re a reader, consider picking up a copy.  I think you’ll be pleased with it.

Market to Market Ride (Non-TWCP Ride)

Market to market is a reasonable 13 mile tour for the casual enthusiast.  Participating riders may begin at either The North Market in downtown Columbus, or The Hills Market near Worthington, Ohio, and trek the Olentangy Trail to the other market.

Here’s a link with more info:

The rider fee is $15, which seems a little steep for such a short ride, but it comes with a treat bag and breakfast, so it probably evens out.

This is a great way to support the local cycling community, as well as support small businesses and local agriculture.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out either of these fantastic markets yet, I think you’ll be impressed.

Note: Market to Market is held on the same day as TOSRV.  Bummer, right?

Double Note:  This is not a Water Cycle Project ride.  It’s just a link to something that might be fun.

Are You On Twitter?

If you’re on twitter, please consider following our feed, @h2o_cycle, or

I was opposed to Twitter for a long time, but it turns out that it’s actually kind of a fun way to share information.  The blessing in disguise is that unlike other social media, the Twitter 140 character limit means that only the most important information is actually being sent out.

Also, there’s a unique social atmosphere to Twitter that allows you to jump in and out of global conversations at will.  Want to post on your favorite writer’s wall?  You can do that whether you’re “friends” or not, and then never return again!

Check it out today, and please “Follow” H2O_Cycle!

Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Budget Rides

If you’re looking for some great rides to get warmed up for the season, check out Columbus Outdoor Pursuits.  You can find info about their cycling events at – click on “Activity Calendar” for event dates.

They offer several “budget rides” for only $7 ($4 for COP members).

A budget ride on Saturday, April 2, 2011 – the 39th Woodstock – will have 33, 55 and 100 mile routes marked, beginning and ending in Westerville, Ohio.

On April 9, 2011, the 44th SPOT will have routes marked ranging from 35 to 102 miles beginning and ending in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

This is a great opportunity to get a feel for an organized ride, as well as to network with other riders and support Columbus Outdoor Pursuits.

Ethiopia Water Collection Video

Check out this amazing video from

Ethiopia isn’t really our focus, but this is a tremendous example of the kind of burdens women endure to fetch water for their families.

Did you know that the average woman in a developing country will walk more than 5k to water every day?  That’s an amazing distance, and it’s the average!  That means that many families have to walk much, much farther.

Some days I won’t even drive 5k to go to the grocery store, I’ll just scrounge around for spaghettios or something instead!