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Great Family Fun Ride on Sunday!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Family Fun Ride on Sunday at Three Creeks Metro Park!  I had a great time, I hope you did too.

Altogether, we raised over $600 for wells in India!

Thanks to all of our sponsors as well!  We really appreciate the contributions of companies like Chipotle, Skreened, Paradise Garage, Melissa Pauquette Photography, Rusty McClure and the Arena Grand Movie Theatre.  I hope everyone is enjoying your prizes!

Thank you to Amanda Gray, LMT, as well for giving massages on Sunday afternoon, and donating all of the money to the Water Cycle Project.  We really appreciate it.

Thank you to Jonathan Youngman and Kelly Young from Franklinton Cycle Works for checking out some bikes, and making the world a better place through safe bicycling!

Last but definitely not least, thanks to all of the volunteers who came out to cook hot dogs, hold raffle jars, sell t-shirts and make our event work!  You guys did an outstanding job, and I was so impressed with everyone.

We’ll post some pictures soon.  We still have some shirts leftover too, so please feel free to order one off of the website, all of that money goes directly to well drilling as well.  Click here to order one.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the event, but are still interested in donating, you can donate at any time on this page.  Thanks everyone for your support, it means a life of difference to the world.

Trans-Ohio Pictures

Thanks Melissa Pauquette for taking these awesome photos!

Water Cycle Project Ohio
Throwing WCP signs at the Ohio Line
Mile 0 of 238 Trans-Ohio Cycling Trip
Mile 0 of 238
Cycle Stretching
A little post-ride stretching at the end of day 1 - 88 miles!
Trans-Ohio Rain
Riding in the rain... super!
Ohio Cycle Rain
Wes is pumped about the rain!
Trans-Ohio Zanesville Water Cycle
We made it through day 2 - 75 miles of rain!
Guernsey County Ohio Cycling
Cycling through beautiful Guernsey County on Day 3
Eastern Ohio Pizza
Refueling with cheese pizza at the Fastlane Cafe
Wheeling Island Bridge
Crossing the Wheeling Island Bridge
TransOhio Water Cycle Tour Complete
Day 3 is complete - 75 miles of tough hills!
Trans Ohio Cycle Tour Complete
Trans-Ohio Cycle Tour is complete! 238 miles done!

Want more?  Check out our pictures on Facebook!

Trans-Ohio Tour Safely and Successfully Complete!

The Trans-Ohio Tour was this past weekend, and it went great!

We dealt with a few mechanical problems, but there were zero injuries and no major problems.

Day 1:  We rode 88 miles from Richmond, Indiana to West Jefferson, Ohio in 5 hours 30 minutes.  It was a 90 degree day out on the open road.  The day was long and hot, but we made it through.

I found that I really hit my stride at about 79 miles and felt like I could have ridden forever (or delirium was setting in), but I’m glad we stopped where we did.

Thanks to Tom and Karen Pauquette of the Grove City Vineyard for feeding us on Friday night!

Day 2: 75 miles from West Jefferson, Ohio to Zanesville, Ohio.  This 5 hour 4 minute day was wet.

Fortunately, we never encountered any hard rains, but it sprinkled steadily for the first 4 hours.  We always seemed to be there a few minutes behind the hard rain, which meant plenty of tire spray and sopping wet feet.

In addition to the antagonizing rain, it wasn’t the easiest course.  The second half of Licking County and most of Muskingum County has some substantial hills.  Not the biggest we encountered on the trip, but definitely some of the steepest.

Grandma Rita’s house outside of Zanesville was a welcome sight when we finally made it.  Dinner was pizza and spaghetti at Adornetto’s.

Day 3:  This was a 75 mile, 5 hour 20 minute adventure through Eastern Ohio, and my favorite day.  Once you get past Cambridge, the scenery is amazing and the quaint small towns like New Concord, Salesville, Quaker City and Bethesda are fantastic.

The course was complex because U.S. 40 actually combines with I-70 for about 25 miles, which meant we needed to find an alternate route.  It was nice to make some turns for a change, and we didn’t get lost, but we did end up on 4 miles of gravel, dirt, broken concrete closed road between Quaker City and Barnesville.  We ended up walking over several parts that our skinny road tires couldn’t handle.

Finally we got back to Route 40, and stopped at the Fastlane Cafe, a docile sort of biker bar with really bad cheese pizza that tasted delicious after 55 miles of hills.

Then we climbed, and climbed.  There were 7 more giant hills past where I thought I couldn’t take any more, but we powered through.  Then the reward came.  The last 6 miles were downhill.

Not only were they downhill, but 6 miles out we crested a mountain and then began a terrifying, steep mile and a half descent.  Riding the brakes the whole way down, we averaged about 32 mph.  In hindsight, I wish we would have opened it up, but not knowing what was around the next twist, caution was probably the smart move.  This was the most amazing downhill I’ve ever ridden.

We reaped the rewards of all of our climbing, and graciously pedaled it in and over the Ohio River to Wheeling Island!

This was a fantastic trip and a truly rewarding, but thoroughly testing experience.  Congratulations to Jonathan Youngman and Wes Black, who both put forth tremendous effort, your dedication to The Water Cycle Project is fantastic.

We spent 16 hours on a bicycle seat, pounding through the monotonous flats, steep hills and curving ascents of Ohio as a demonstration of our love for the people of India.  Please consider honoring this demonstration by making a donation to The Water Cycle Project today.  Even a small amount will change lives forever.  :-)  Click here to give.

Final Stats:
Total Distance: 238.13 miles
Total Time: 15 hours 54 minutes 45 seconds

Stay tuned for pictures!

Leg 2 of Trans-Ohio Tour Now Complete!

Just so we would keep water in mind, it poured from the sky for our first four hours today.  :-)

Leg 2 of the Trans-Ohio Tour has been safely completed.

Total Bike time: 5 hours 4 minutes

Total Distance: 75.40 miles

Top Speed: 32.44 miles per hour

This was a wet ride!  We didn’t get caught in any serious downpours, but it sprinkled steadily for the first 55 miles.

It was a hard ride today, lots of big hills in the last 25 miles, but we made it through!   More hills headed our way tomorrow!

More pictures and details to come, but it was a great, though challenging ride today, and I feel blessed to be able to participate in this fantastic cause.

Tomorrow: We climb through the foothills of the Appalachians from Zanesville, Ohio to Wheeling, West Virginia.  Another 75 miles, prayer’s welcome.  :-)

Leg 1 of Trans-Ohio Complete

Leg 1 of the Trans-Ohio Tour is now complete.

Total bike time: 5 hours 30 minutes

Total distance: 87.89 miles

Top Speed: 35.30 miles per hour

More details and pictures to come, but we made it safely through all 88 miles of U.S. Route 40 between the Indiana border and West Jefferson, Ohio.

Nothing will quite make you appreciate the value of water in your life like a five and a half hour ride on the open road in a 90 degree sun.  :-)

Praise God for safe cycling and good company.  We do it because we love the people of India!

Tomorrow: Tackling the traffic of Columbus and then the hills of Licking County on a 75 mile leg to Zanesville, Ohio.