Please Pray for Pastor Stephen

I apologize for the quiet on this blog lately.

Pastor Stephen is an Indian who lives in Bangalore, India and runs Cornerstone Ministries, which is the primary group that drills wells for The Water Cycle Project.  Pastor Stephen is a wonderful human being and a strong, principled person who cares deeply for the people of India.

Many weeks ago, Pastor Stephen needed a kidney transplant.  His wife, Queenie, provided the donor kidney.  Queenie is doing OK, as far as we know, but Pastor Stephen’s condition has taken a turn.

On Monday we received word that Pastor Stephen had an infection and he was moved to intensive care. Since then we have learned that his new kidney has stopped functioning completely, and he has been placed on dialysis and is on a ventilator.

Please pray for Pastor Stephen’s condition.  Please pray that the doctors are able to stop this infection and stabilize his condition.  Please also pray for his family, including his wife Queenie, and his adult children, Yonoko and Sam, as they confront this situation.

Our efforts to drill wells can go on without Pastor Stephen (and will if need be), but this group and purpose would never have existed without him.  His principles, strength, commitment and methods are an example for us all.

I’ve only spent time with Pastor Stephen on five or six occasions in my life, but there are few people in the world that I respect more.  Melissa and I have a tremendous amount of love for he and his family, even though they’re half-way around the world.

Thank you for your prayers.

2011 Year-End Total: $48,339.86!

Wow!  Together in 2011, we raised nearly $50,000 for the people of India.

That will drill nearly 20 wells in rural India, and help more than 10,000 people take a step to break the cycle of poverty.  That is truly an amazing thing.

Thank you so much to the people that helped with the Water Cycle Project in 2011, and thank you so much to everyone who made a donation.  We couldn’t have done it without every single one of you.

Thanks For Your Support

Our official events for 2011 are now complete, thanks so much for your help!

That doesn’t mean The Water Cycle Project is done for the year, we just don’t have anything else planned.  We’ll still continue to accept donations, update our totals and continue to drill wells and change lives in India!

If you’ve enjoyed The Water Cycle Project and enjoyed donating, I sincerely urge you to make it a habit.  The clean water crisis in India isn’t going anywhere, there’s a lot more money to be raised, and our mission will stay the same.  You can continue to send money to The Water Cycle Project or to the Vineyard in Grove City, simply mark “Water Cycle Project” in the memo and 100% of the funds will be diverted to our well projects.

Also, please pray for us, that clear direction would be revealed to us, as we evaluate what we’ve done this year and decide how to move forward into 2012.  We couldn’t have raised nearly $30,000 without God’s help, and I don’t want to approach next year any differently.

Thanks so much for your support.  Happy cycling!  As always, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Circum-Ohio Trip Cancelled

With great regret, we’ve officially cancelled the Circum-Ohio Trip.

The group of riders that we were counting on has dwindled in numbers significantly as the ride approaches due to a variety of scheduling conflicts (apparently they’re finding out it’s hard to leave life for two weeks  :-)).

Also, we haven’t been met with much success finding lodging around the state.  Despite our efforts to find hospitable churches and organizations, we’d end up paying for motels or camping at at least 8 stops.  For that price, we could just about drill another well!

It’s disappointing to cancel the ride, but we have to remember that our primary mission is to drill wells and we must always take the actions that best advance us towards that goal.

Please stay tuned for more details and possible substitute, small events.

Great Family Fun Ride on Sunday!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Family Fun Ride on Sunday at Three Creeks Metro Park!  I had a great time, I hope you did too.

Altogether, we raised over $600 for wells in India!

Thanks to all of our sponsors as well!  We really appreciate the contributions of companies like Chipotle, Skreened, Paradise Garage, Melissa Pauquette Photography, Rusty McClure and the Arena Grand Movie Theatre.  I hope everyone is enjoying your prizes!

Thank you to Amanda Gray, LMT, as well for giving massages on Sunday afternoon, and donating all of the money to the Water Cycle Project.  We really appreciate it.

Thank you to Jonathan Youngman and Kelly Young from Franklinton Cycle Works for checking out some bikes, and making the world a better place through safe bicycling!

Last but definitely not least, thanks to all of the volunteers who came out to cook hot dogs, hold raffle jars, sell t-shirts and make our event work!  You guys did an outstanding job, and I was so impressed with everyone.

We’ll post some pictures soon.  We still have some shirts leftover too, so please feel free to order one off of the website, all of that money goes directly to well drilling as well.  Click here to order one.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the event, but are still interested in donating, you can donate at any time on this page.  Thanks everyone for your support, it means a life of difference to the world.

Beautiful, Sunny Day For Family Fun Ride

Tomorrow (Sunday) is forecast to be 80 degrees with shade for our Family Fun Ride at Three Creeks Metro Park. What a fantastic temperature for a bike ride!

We hope you can make it out Sunday afternoon, from 12:30 to 3:30 at Three Creeks (3860 Bixby Rd.) for an afternoon of free food and games.  We’ll also be selling tickets and giving away great prizes from places like Chipotle, Skreened Custom Tees, Paradise Garage Bike Shop, Melissa Pauquette Photography and more!  Everyone will receive at least one free chance to win just for showing up!

You can also purchase discounted Water Cycle Project t-shirts, or get a massage.

All proceeds go directly to well-drilling teams in India.  Check out the mini site at for more information.

We’ll see you tomorrow!

So Happy With $22k+!

I just want to thank everyone for your generous donations so far. It’s unbelievable that together we’ve raised more than $22,000 for clean water in India!

With that money, more than 5,000 people will have clean drinking water for life, as well as enough for hygiene, livestock and irrigation! That’s unbelievable! We’re talking serious life change.

We’re talking double-the-average-life-span change, we’re talking 96%-less-kids-under-5-dying-of-diarrhea change. We’re talking about real power, real lives, never-be-the-same-again-for-5,000-people change.

Now that they don’t need to spend their whole day fetching water, women and children are empowered to go to school and find new occupations. This money empowers minority groups and pacifies conflict by allowing each village to have convenient, safe access to their own water supply.

For me, one of the best parts is that when we say $22,000, we mean $22,000. Every single one of those dollars goes directly to well drilling. We don’t pay any expenses out of that money, and we didn’t spend any money to solicit those contributions. That is truly amazing to me.

Thank you everyone for your selfless contributions. What seems like a such a small amount to us is literally worth a lifetime of change to someone in India.

God loves all his children, and this is how we get to show them. No judgment, no intrusion–just clean water.

Water Cycle Project T-Shirts Are In!

We now have Water Cycle T-shirts for sale!  Sizes and quantities are limited, so if you’d like one, please let us know right away.

These shirts will be on sale on Sunday (8/28) for $10 at our Family Fun Ride at Three Creeks Metro Park.  You can buy them here on the website for $12.  All proceeds go to support The Water Cycle Project.

The first shirt is The Water Cycle Project classic.  The front features the outline of the State of Ohio, centered on the chest, and the back has the TWCP logo.  They are printed on Cornflower Blue.

Water Cycle Project Tshirt

Purchase here for $12.00:

The second shirt is the winner of our T-shirt design contest, designed by Carl and Kelly Colna!  The front of the shirt is printed with a person carrying water on a bicycle, with the tagline “If we could ride to India, we would.”

Water Cycle Project Colna Tshirt Design

Purchase here for $12.00:

Please note: These shirts were donated by a private company to be resold.  Donor dollars were NOT used to design or print these shirts.  We are 100% committed to being a zero-overhead organization.  :-)

A Success Story!

We’ve been talking so much about our events lately, we’ve been neglecting the actual wells!

I talked to Pastor Stephen last week, and they’ve completed another well that will service a village of hundreds of families!

This particular well is in a mountainous area where they were unlikely to find water, but Pastor Stephen’s geologist located four spots he thought were likely to produce water.  Pastor Stephen and his team prayed and selected one that they thought would be best and told the Hindu village that they were going to drill a well there.

They drilled the well more than 700 feet and there was no water.  They cleaned it out many times and there was no water.  The residents in the village were grumbling and scoffing after the promises of water didn’t come true.

So Pastor Stephen and his crew sealed the well with a stone.  For three days they left it alone and prayed for the well.

On the third day they returned, removed the stone, cleaned out the well one last time…and there was water!

This well will provide enough water for everyone in the village to use every day, as well as their livestock and even some for irrigation.

This particular village had a government well several kilometers away that they could walk to, but it was controlled by militant Muslims who insisted that their people drink first, leaving the Hindus to wait late into the day to take whatever was left over.

Now they have access to clean drinking water out of a well controlled by the village itself.  God provides for all of his children.