About the Water Cycle Project

The Water Cycle Project is a grass-roots organization, based in Columbus, Ohio, dedicated to raising money to drill fresh water wells in India.

Our project uses long-distance bicycle rides and other initiatives to raise awareness to the issue and generate pledges. The idea has been in formation since early 2010, and the group was officially founded in 2011.

Our mission is to maintain a zero-overhead organization capable of sending 100% of collected funds to directly pay for well drilling costs in India and other areas in need.

All donations will be collected and transferred to the field by Vineyard Christian Fellowship Southwest in Grove City, Ohio. All donations are 501c3 tax-deductible through the Vineyard's licensing.

About Us (Brad and Melissa Pauquette)

In 2008, we quit our entry-level career jobs in search of something more meaningful. We thought we knew a lot more about everything than we really did at the time, but since that time God has provided us with some wonderful, humbling experiences and blessed us with a truly unique and exciting life.

After a 6 month road trip around the USA in our Chevy Cavalier, we returned to Columbus, Ohio to seek intentional community with other Christians who felt called to live outside of the American Dream.

Today, we live in a house in the inner-city of Columbus that we bought for $10,000. We're slowly rehabbing the house, little by little, and working to build relationships based on the love of Jesus with our friends, family and neighbors.

Brad works as a freelance web designer, and Melissa works as a freelance photographer. We have a son, Theo, who was born in October of 2009.

How Our Mission Began

In the beginning of 2010, we felt called to begin raising money to drill wells in India. That year, with the help of our friends, we raised enough money to drill three wells in India!

About half way through that year, after reading Donald Miller's book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, Brad felt inspired to ride his bike all the way across the U.S.A. As an afterthought, we decided that we might as well use the event to raise money to drill wells.

Through a lot of prayer, however, we've come to realize that raising money for wells should be our first priority, and riding bicycles should come much, much lower. So, in order to utilize our local contacts as well as possible and allow more people to be involved, we've converted the original trip across the U.S.A. into a few shorter trips within the state of Ohio.

About Pastor A. Stephen and Cornerstone Ministries

Pastor A. Stephen was born a Hindu in the country of India. Through several miraculous experiences as a young man, he came to find Jesus Christ as his savior. Learn more about Pastor Stephen and Cornerstone Ministries.

In the past 40 year, Pastor Stephen has started hundreds of churches through Southern India and blessed thousands of Indians with the love of Jesus in the form of free, clean, fresh water wells. He is a man dedicated to efficiency, and that is one reason why we appreciate his ministry so much.

In 2011, Pastor Stephen passed away. However, his ministry continues under the direction of his wife Queenie.

About Vineyard Christian Fellowship

The Vineyard was born in March 1993 as a church plant by Tom and Karen Pauquette. The church was originally founded in a storefront on Columbus struggling West Side and is currently housed in nearby Grove City, Ohio.

A member of the Vineyard Association of Churches, the Grove City Vineyard believes and teaches all of the basic truths of Christianity. The church maintains a strong emphasis on sharing the love of Jesus in a practical way in the local community. Learn more about The Vineyard in Grove City.

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